Wednesday, March 13, 2013


A few teaser photos of the new and improved porch! I'll post a full update later... promise!

Some DIY art I made for the brick wall in the porch (the first thing you see when you enter the house) -- I used this tutorial to make these. Super easy, I whipped these up in an afternoon. This photo is right after I peeled off their silhouettes (definitely do this while the paint is still tacky). The contact paper didn't stick as well as I would have liked to the canvas, but I reinforced the seal and sprayed several thin coats of spray paint. This helps prevent drips and pooling of paint on your canvas! You can see where Lucy's (the yellow canvas) allowed a little seepage. After they cured outside for the afternoon, I brought them inside and crisped up those lines with a small brush and some white acrylic paint. I put some wire on the back and gingerly hammered some special nails into our brick and...

Tah-dah! These are hanging directly over our vintage theater chairs.
We also finished building the day bed! I have to say that last night when we were putting the final pieces together and placing the mattress on top I was super nervous about everything fitting properly.  I had measured the space for it, giving a few inches of allowance (since our house is perpetually crooked) and I knew that Zach had been more than careful about following the plans, but you just never know. We had three sides connected as we moved it into the porch... it juuuuuusssssst fit through the front door and we shimmied it into place with a big sigh of relief. Zach and I attached the front apron and the supports and it was ready for the slats and mattress (both purchased at Ikea)... much to our delight, everything worked out perfectly and it's quite solid. We put two extra supports underneath (the plans suggest putting one). Here is is in the space (so far).

It looks even better in the daytime!
I'm going to take some really nice (daytime) before and after photos of the space for a full follow up report. Our housewarming is this Saturday and we cannot wait to show everyone what we've done with the place so far!


  1. Love all of this. Can't wait to come and visit! ;-)