Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We adopted a puppy, Lucy -- who promptly took over.

She is soooo small.

I got new glasses, which further illustrates my cartoonish-ness.

Lucy has a heart-shaped freckle. Awwww.

Hugo is worn out from non-stop puppy playtime.

Zach and I toast a true gentleman. Gone but never forgotten.

Lucy gives us the scare of a lifetime sending us to the emergency veterinary hospital.

I make some DIY and very significant art for our living room.

Dinosaur carnage -- stay tuned for a more in depth post about these guys!

Our farmhouse table (once, church pews) -- nearly finished, this is a sneak peek!

Lucy is feeling a touch better, back to her very opinionated self!
Things are too busy for a formal update right now, hope this keeps you going!

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