Friday, November 23, 2012

Give thanks. Always.

We finished the dining room table just in time for Thanksgiving. That's right, our table's maiden voyage would be hosting friends and family for the biggest dinner celebration of the year!

I have to admit, both Zach and I are a little obsessed with the table. There's something so incredibly satisfying about walking past this beast of a table and thinking, "we built that". Yes, it's a little self-congratulatory, but sometimes you're allowed to pat yourself on the back!

After all, we started here:

Gross looking, neglected pews!

But let's get you caught up, when we last left off we were playing around with stains. Like I said, we wound up using a tea + vinegar/steel wool combo, which gave us a rich under color and the greyish barn wood feel we were hoping for. Yes, I'm certain it would have been easier to simply sand and stain the wood in a more traditional tone, but seeing that we were working with two types of wood and that the table was going into a room inundated with wood tones (trim, closets and floors) we wanted to make a significant departure.
Table frame, stained and screwed together. It has a massive footprint in our dining room (we're very excited about that)

Spacers and apron support beams in, breadboards attached.

Table is mostly together at this point! After this we sealed the table which significantly changed the color (we don't mind)

All dressed up for Thanksgiving! We are simple people when it comes to decorating!

Oh yeah, we are IN LOVE with the chairs we found for a steal on Overstock. IN LOVE.

Another view. We lovehow the rustic light fixture ties everything together.

Getting artsy... ha.

Little bunting I made last minute (there's a little something that is going to live in this space eventually!)

Hooray, bunting!

Did I mention that we LOVE these chairs? I whipped up some seat cushions for them, more on that later. 

The new wall in the kitchen (with a George Nelson clock we found at Homegoods when we first moved in) and our Thanksgiving menu.

It's safe to say that our 1st Thanksgiving was a huge success. Largely due to the fact that Zach and I are both planners, and I had the menu sorted out the weekend before and half the food cooked the night before. We were surrounded by wonderful friends and family and the best dogs we could ask for. We are thankful to be healthy and happy to be fortunate enough to not want for anything. Life is good.


  1. I love how the color came out! So dark and dreamy.

  2. I'm going to move into your house ;-)

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